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Revolutionizing Micro Drive Applications: The microNexus™ Filter Solution


MTE's innovative microNexus™ filter represents a breakthrough in the world of electrical solutions. It embodies the outstanding performance of their SineWave Nexus and is now available in a compact design, tailored for seamless integration into any micro drive application. The microNexus is designed to address a spectrum of critical issues commonly encountered in the field.

This modern solution not only eliminates voltage spikes typically caused by Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and the detrimental reflective waves that jeopardize motor windings and cables but it also virtually eliminates the problem of common mode voltage. Common mode voltage is a notorious culprit behind motor bearing failures, cable degradation, and VFD malfunctions. By expertly filtering out this damaging common mode voltage, the microNexus ensures motor bearings are forever shielded from harmful voltage levels, therefore preventing issues such as pitting, frosting, or fluting that often lead to motor failures.

The microNexus is a comprehensive replacement for common mode chokes and inductive absorbers that offer temporary relief in extending motor life. In addition, it eliminates the need for shaft grounding rings, which typically entail ongoing maintenance and replacement. With MTE's microNexus, you now possess a compact yet all-encompassing electrical solution for addressing the most challenging electrical problems. Choose microNexus for a lasting, hassle-free solution that empowers your microdrive applications to thrive.