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Enclosure Express Customization from nVent HOFFMAN in 10 Days


With nVent Hoffman’s quick customization program you have direct factory express customization from their factory to your facility. This program is perfect for orders that are larger than 20 enclosures that need customized holes, cutouts and/or paint changes. With express customization, your enclosures ship within 10 days from nVent Hoffman’s factory. There are over 1500 standard enclosures for you to pick from helping make the selection process easy no matter if you are looking for a wall-mount, free-stand or modular enclosure type. With 28 vibrant colors to choose from that include OSHA Safety Colors, your enclosure can be color-matched to fit your needs. With this program, you get access to the high-quality enclosures you’ve come to expect from nVent Hoffman with the flexibility in ordering you need to complete projects. Don’t forget about McNaughton-McKay’s ability to customize enclosures for orders less than 20 which gives you the quickest way for holes and cut-outs. Express Customization from nVent HOFFMAN gives you fast access to their most popular enclosures with 2D holes and cutouts and add paint - all shipped in 10 days.