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nVent HOFFMAN’s Design to Manufacturing (DTM) Software Revolutionizing Electrical Enclosure Design


If you are looking for an easier way to deliver quality solutions faster and with fewer resources and time-consuming steps, nVent HOFFMAN’s Design to Manufacturing (DTM) software is the solution that will simplify your engineering processes. The DTM software makes it easier to plan and design your electrical enclosures, machines and factory systems. It is also simpler to automate panel building by using the intelligent 2D flow with the software's easy to use intelligent central parts library.

DTM uses Digital Twin to create virtual prototypes of electrical enclosures, machines, and factory systems. This gives you the ability to simulate the behavior and performance of these systems in a digital environment before the physical prototypes are built, helping to identify and address potential issues early in the design process. Designers can efficiently work on a single project while the software automatically updates the data making the design and planning stress-free while reducing errors allowing you a single source of truth.