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Panduit’s MP300 Handheld Printer is Bigger, Better, and Faster


Panduit has partnered with Epson for their latest handheld printer the MP300. This well-designed printer is different than any other printer on the market because you can print up to a 1 ½” print at 360 dpi at a faster rate than any other handheld printer. This printer is ideal for electrical contractors, maintenance electricians, and OEMs when they are doing installs and working remotely. The MP300 can print on labels for self-laminating wire markers, continuous tape, and heat shrink. Its carrying handle makes moving around your plant or job site easier, and it has magnets on the back to be able to stick to enclosures. The big difference between Panduit’s MP300 and lower price point printers is that you are saving yourself time which equates to reducing costs. The MP300 is sold as a kit and comes with a printer, adapter battery charger, and carrying case. Threw the end of 2022, Panduit has two promotions running in conjunction with the purchase of an MP300. One is where you buy 30 cassette labels and get a FREE MP300 printer. The other is to turn in your old handheld printer and get a FREE PXE series mobile printer depending on the type of printer you return. For more information on these promotions, please review the links below or contact your account manager.