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Panduct® Type F Narrow Slot Wiring Duct


Panduit's Panduct® Type F Narrow Slot Wiring Duct has a double restricted slot design to help retain wires which eliminates hassles and saves time. The non-slip cover liner prevents cover slide helping to keep your wires secure and neat. Panduit’s exclusive smooth rounded edges prevents wiring abrasion saving you time and money. The specially formulated lead-free PVC material gives an extra level of product safety. A flush cover design gives a neat appearance and the narrow finger/slot design closely matches the spacing of high-density components. Upper and lower scorelines allows easy fingers and sidewall section removal, saving you installation time. Additionally, the narrow slot/finger design provides more slots to fit the spacing of high-density terminal blocks and other hardware. Another level of safety is that wiring duct conforms with with NFPA 79-2015 section 13.3.1 requirement for flame retardant material.