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Say Goodbye to Cable Chaos with Panduit’s PatchLink™ Horizontal Cable Manager


Panduit’s PatchLink™ Horizontal Cable Manager is a streamlined cable management solution that gives you the ability for organization on standard EIA 19-inch (483mm) racks or cabinets, making it a game-changer in the world of network infrastructure. PatchLink offers you the flexibility to effectively manage copper, fiber optic, and coax cables. It's a versatile choice for a wide range of cabling needs. Featuring flexible fingers, this cable manager helps to simplifying cable management. Because it keeps patch cords organized, making cable moves, adds, and changes is quick and easy for your team. Plus, the closed design is engineered to protect your valuable patch cables within the pathway. The PatchLink’s space-efficient design only uses 1 unit (1 RU), optimizing space utilization in your setup, and the dual-hinging front cover allows for easy access and management. When you choose the PatchLink Horizontal Cable Manager you’re guaranteed efficient, reliable, and organized cable management giving you the clutter-free, well-organized network setup your organization requires.