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Panduit’s TrueEdge™ Wall Mount Enclosure is the Future of Network Connectivity


Panduit’s TrueEdge™ Wall Mount Enclosures are a space-efficient way to deploy switch and server systems in open architecture environments. They can be vertically mounted up to 36” of active equipment in compact spaces with a static load rating of 400lbs. The TrueEdge enclosures can serve as their own micro data center or as a replacement for a telecommunications room. They also add value to edge applications by moving equipment closer to the user. The enclosures have a modular design with a reversible door that provides easy access to equipment.

The door can be fitted with an optional SmartZone secure access handle for added security. The adjustable brackets can be fastened to use either caged or tapped nuts. Panduit also provides additional accessories for customization. These enclosure has been tested to support up to 4,000w of generated heat without equipment failure in an ambient room temperature of 72 degrees. This thermal rating protects equipment and eliminates the risk of downtime for equipment failures due to long exposure to heat over time.

The TrueEdge vertical wall mount enclosures are designed for the future of network connectivity innovation. They provide a secure, low-profile scalable solution in environments where this wouldn’t have been previously possible.