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Operate faster, smarter, and safer with Panduit’s VeriSafe 2.0 AVTs


Panduit, an expert in absence of voltage technology, has developed the VeriSafe 2.0 AVT. Panduit understands that you need increased electrical safety with a simplified testing process. VeriSafe AVT’s primary functions include voltage presence indication to show when electricity is present and absence of voltage testing providing a green when the test point is de-energized. If the absence of voltage is not confirmed diagnostics codes are shown to indicate why. AVTs can now be used in more locations throughout your facilities from power distribution to electrical infrastructure or automation and motor control. You can use AVTs anywhere your employees need to test for the absence of voltage. The VeriSafe 2.0 AVT is designed with flexibility in mind. You can select the options that best suit your needs like battery-powered or battery-free. All VeriSafe AVTs test for the absence of AC and DC voltage. The 2.0 model supports two indicator modules allowing the test to be initiated from more than one location. You can put additional distance between the operator and the hazard by installing the second indicator at the end of the entrance to a controlled area or outside the arc flash boundary. You can also integrate the AVT into your control system utilizing safety integrity SIL 3 solid state contacts or an Ethernet connection. You can monitor voltage status and troubleshoot remotely with an optional network module. Safeguard your employees, your equipment, and your bottom line with VeriSafe’s AVT technology.