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Automatic Voltage Verification with Panduit’s VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester


You have options when testing equipment to see if there is voltage present. Portable hand-held test instruments that detect the presence and absence of voltage are time-consuming to use. These devices can rely on people to read the results and information can be misinterpreted resulting in process failures that can expose workers to electrical hazards. Voltage Indicators are traditionally installed devices and warn about the presence of voltage but not necessarily the absence of it. The indicator lights can be confusing and hard to determine if the no illumination means the system is energized or not. Lack of illuminated lights could mean there is something wrong with your device or that it wasn’t installed properly. There is no definitive way of knowing if your equipment is de-energized by using a voltage indicator. Panduit’s VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester (AVT) eliminates the guesswork. The AVT uses active indicators to let you know when your equipment is de-energized verifying the absence of voltage. A push of a button activates VeriSafe AVT’s automatic absence of voltage test. If your AVT displays red, voltage is present in your equipment. If your AVT displays yellow, the absence of voltage isn’t confirmed, and you must proceed with caution. If you see green, the absence of voltage has been verified. The first of its kind, VeriSafe AVT is a voltage tester and voltage indicator combined that keeps your equipment and employees safe.