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Panduit Wave-Ty™ Has Superior Grip and Functionality


Panduit’s Heat Trace Wave-Ty™ helps you with productivity, reliability and safety. Its unique design makes installation of electric heat trace quicker, easier and significantly reduces the risk of injury due to punctures and repetitive motion. Heat Trace Wave-Ty is suitable for a wide range of heavy industrial applications such as oil and gas, liquid natural gas and chemical manufacturing. If you have applications where you are installing tie wire on processes that require temperature maintenance and freeze protection, Heat Trace Wave-Ty is the right fit for you. Panduit Heat Trace Wave-Ty installs two to three times faster than conventional tie wire. They offer several key safety features including rounded edges, recessed cutoff and no exposed hazards. Additionally, with no twisting or pulling motions required, the risk of repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome are greatly reduced.