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PowerFlex® 1203-USB Converter Gives You a Way For Connected Components Workbench Software to Access PowerFlex 525 Drives


The 1203-USB converter provides a communications interface between a computer and any Allen-Bradley product supporting drive communication interfaces such as DPI (Drive Peripheral Interface) for PowerFlex® 7-Class drives and PowerFlex 750-Series drives; DSI (Drive Serial Interface) for PowerFlex 4-Class drives, PowerFlex 520-Series drives, and Kinetix 3 drives; SCANport for legacy 1305 drives, 1336 drives, and so forth.

The 1203-USB converter uses the full-duplex, RS-232 DF1 protocol. To learn how to connect a PowerFlex 525 drive with a 1203-USB cable using Rockwell Automation’s Connected Components Workbench, please watch our tech support video