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PowerOhm Braking Resistors Improve Your Drive System Performance


AC variable frequency drives (VFD) are used in conjunction with variable speed drive systems. When a drive system requires a deceleration rate faster than what can be managed by the drive alone, or a motor encounters an overhauling load condition, problems can occur. These situations create regenerated power causing the motor’s DC Bus to rise. To avoid these problems from causing your drive to shut-down, you must dissipate the power by using an external braking resistor.

PowerOhm’s Braking Modules can greatly improve the performance of your drive system when they are used with an AC drive to avoid over-voltage trips. They can also help to increase the braking torque capability of your VFD which allows for faster and more controlled deceleration times. The modules are all master/slave programmable to assist with system horsepower requirements beyond the capacity of a single module. This allows multiple modules to successfully perform as a single higher-rated module.