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Rockwell Automation's ProposalWorks - Product Configuration and Selection Tool for Industrial Automation Projects


ProposalWorks is a Rockwell Automation product configuration and selection tool for the industrial automation industry. With ProposalWorks you can validate a product, import a list of products, review typical delivery status, acquire list pricing information, and gain access to rich product content. ProposalWorks is a free tool that provides selection assistance and information on a broad range of Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner products. It is a single solution that helps you build a complete, professional proposal to help simplify your pricing and ordering process. You also gain access to the appropriate informational documents, photos, and technical specification sheets to help you identify and configure physical infrastructure products to ensure accuracy and fast shipping. ProposalWorks is available online or for download, which means you can access it in the office or on the go. For an overview of ProposalWorks and a tutorial, please watch our Tech Support video