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Allen-Bradley’s OptixPanel™ is Where Innovation Meets Practicality


Allen-Bradley’s OptixPanel™ graphic terminals offer a PC-like user interface within a sealed HMI appliance, eliminating the need for securing an operating system. This straightforwardness is beneficial for smaller applications seeking an optimal price/performance ratio. The terminals are available in various screen sizes, bezel options, aspect ratios, and touchscreen technologies, including projected capacitive (PCAP) screens that support gestures like swipe and pinch, enhancing usability on the factory floor.

Integration with FactoryTalk® Optix™ software facilitates cloud-based access to process data, utilizing communication standards such as OPC UA and MQTT. Applications can be developed independently using a local desktop editor or collaboratively through FactoryTalk® Optix Studio™ via a web browser. The built-in drivers ensure compatibility with various controllers.

The SaaS-enabled workflows of OptixPanel graphic terminals enable remote collaboration, allowing your teams to work seamlessly from any location. The system incorporates change tracking and versioning, automatically documenting alterations and providing a comprehensive overview of the operational history.

OptixPanel graphic terminals deliver a robust HMI solution, combining technical expertise with practical usability. The terminals allow for diversity in your operations offering flexibility, connectivity, and advanced features for a streamlined industrial experience.