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Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK is Revolutionizing Motion Solutions


Historically, motion control has incorporated chains, belts, gears, and other mechanics. These solutions have limited flexibility, waste energy, and lead to excessive maintenance costs. Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK Intelligent Track System has fewer mechanical components and linkages which results in higher accelerations and speeds combined with fully controlled motion profiles for higher throughput. Each moving cart is controlled independently allowing for a flexible mechanical pitch that enables the same machine to handle multiple package/format sizes at once while fully controlling product motion. Integral track and trace software-controlled carts with precise knowledge of cart position eliminate your need for external sensing and complex tracking solutions. Elimination of mechanical linkages and components allows for a minimal number of moving parts which reduces overall downtime, maintenance, and energy consumption. The iTRAK technology allows you to combine all product formats in one machine type within a much smaller footprint.