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What is Rockwell Automation’s 5 Step Safety Lifecycle Plan?


Rockwell Automation’s Safety Lifecycle identifies what you need to do to assess and mitigate any machinery risks your facility may have and helps to improve your overall safety and productivity. Safety Lifecycle evaluates hazards and prioritizes improvements in your facility with five steps.

  1. Assessment
  2. Safety Functional Requirements Specification
  3. Design & Verification
  4. Installation & Validation
  5. Maintain & Improve

During the assessment, hazards are identified, and risk liability is estimated.  To determine functional safety requirements, safeguarding options must be evaluated based on industry-acceptable solutions that incorporate system and product migration plans.  Your system architecture’s design must be verified, and its safety circuit design is documented so that proper materials are produced.  Systems are then verified to be operating with the defined parameters and standards are being met.  Finally, system requirements are verified to be operating within your specified parameter production needs, and all your safety preventative maintenance and systems are upgraded.