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SensoPart's VISOR® Allround Is a Vision Sensor that Completes Complex Inspection Tasks


SensorPart’s Visor® Allround is an object detection plus identification vision sensor for complex inspection tasks. It combines object detection functions with powerful code reading tools. When feeding parts in correct alignment or positioning components, additional data matrix codes, for example, can be read. With a resolution of up to 1.5 megapixels, even the smallest details are reliably detected and evaluated. It comes in a standard monochrome version but is also available as a color version. Additional detectors are available to evaluate color. Even the subtlest nuances in shade can be reliably detected. The Visor Allround can be used for all common 2D-Codes and 1D-barcodes. The user-friendly configuration and viewer software with graded user rights and online help make it a great fit for these in need of a vision sensing solution.