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Softing's epGate PN Ethernet/IP to PROFINET Gateway


The Softing gateway epGate PN enables the easy connection of PROFINET IO devices to EtherNet/IP controllers. Up to 32, PROFINET IO devices can be connected to almost any type of controller giving you a direct exchange of process data between EtherNet/IP and PROFINET networks. This device provides you a time-saving configuration and verification as well as monitoring and interaction and easy data access to Rockwell Automation Engineering Software. While the gateway’s upper RJ45 socket connects to the EtherNet/IP network as an adapter, the gateway acts as a PROFINET controller through its lower RJ45 sockets resulting in the ability to integrate PROFINET devices and subsystems into EtherNet/IP applications. The epGate PN comes with a Communication Configuration Tool helps in delineating the PROFINET configuration and gives you ready to use symbolic mapping information for the EtherNet/IP PLC’s engineering software. This alleviates you from having to deal with the error-prone task of defining data for both sides of the gateway individually.