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Manage Your Automation Project Transactions Between OT and IT Easily with Softing's tManager eATM


Softing’s tManager eATM (Enterprise Appliance Transaction Modules) connects PLCs to SQL databases in minutes. Basically, tManager is a PLC module that manages transactions between OT, the PLC on the plant floor, and IT, the SQL database at the business enterprise level of your company. The reason you would want to connect your PLC to a SQL database is because automation projects like track and trace, recipe download, high speed sorting, and quality monitoring are applications containing complex data which put a burden on your PLC. The other reason is the burden of storing and moving complex data is removed from your PLC when you connect it to your enterprise database. When you lift the burden from your PLC, you have the advantage of increased PLC performance while being able to leverage your enterprise database. For more information on how you can use Softing’s tManager eATM with tutorials, please watch their video series on this automation solution.