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Solstice Shingle: Solar Panels with Style


The high return on investment of upgrading your property with energy-producing solar panels can be very appealing. However, modern solar technology means this no longer has to contend with your curb appeal. Solstice® Shingle from CertainTeed® is a solar-integrated roofing system, delivering energy production in a sleek, durable design that will not detract from the visual uniformity of standard asphalt shingles. When undertaking a roof build or reroofing project, Solstice Shingles are a smooth addition that are installed on the roof sheathing with standard deck screws. CertainTeed supplies the underlayment, panels, flashing, and even the warranties for both asphalt and solar shingles. Don’t let a desire for style deter you from pursuing high-performing and robust energy solutions.  

Features & Benefits

A Focus on Aesthetics

  • Seamless integration with any asphalt shingles
  • Increased curb appeal through sleek design
  • No exposed wire conduits or gutters

Powerful Energy Production

  • Able to perform even when it is overcast (tested for operation in diffused light and shade conditions)
  • 19.85% active cell efficiency in ideal conditions
  • 70-Watt power output per shingle


  • 25-year workmanship and power production warranty
  • Patented technology to ensure the shingles are mechanically and electrically robust
  • Protected against impact (FM 4473 Class 3), water intrusion, fire (UL 790 Class A & C) and wind (ASTM D3161 Class F)

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