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Southwire’s Product Offering Enhances Your Factory Automation


Southwire provides a variety of solutions to fill your factory automation needs. One solution is specialized flexible cables. Many standard cables lack flexibility for bending or a natural lubricity for pulling in conduit and tray. Lacking these capabilities, installers might have to improvise with tools or installation methods to properly wire applications. This can result in the cable's insulation being damaged and needing repair or at worst scrapping the wiring installation and having to start over. Repetitive installation often causes increased physical stress on the installer resulting in fatigue which can increase the risk of injury during the installation and reduce productivity. The Southwire® Machine FLEX® power cable has been designed to help make these difficult installations easier.

Their variable frequency drive (VFD) cables are constructed for the inverter to motor cable. These cables can have a symmetrical design that reduces the amount of electrical magnetic interference (EMI) and common mode current in the cable; a robust thermoset insulation system that keeps voltage and current from escaping; or an overall shield that keeps EMI from escaping. Properly terminated VFD cables have been shown to provide a known path for common mode currents that if left uncontrolled can contribute to premature motor failure and control malfunctions drive problems. VFD cables have been shown to increase safety by minimizing induced currents in other systems and cables that can cause shock hazards or potentially even death. Southwire offers a variety of VFD cables to meet your unique requirements.

Southwire’s factory automation team provides quality customer services whether you need expert engineering assistance, a customized solution, or an expedited product meeting all your automation cable needs.