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Spectrum Controls 16 Channel High-Speed Discrete Inputs Help You Achieve Accuracy


Fast paced manufacturing production requires high output of product in a short period of time with precision. Spectrum Controls 5069-IV16F-SC 16-Point high-speed discrete sourcing input achieves production accuracy within the necessary prescribed time. These input modules provide 16 channels of discrete inputs that will expand your local I/O capability on your Rockwell Automation Compact 5000™ I/O Systems. The 16 channels are configurable for 24 VDC input points. An add-on profile is included that allows you to use Studio 5000® software for configuring your machine. In addition, Spectrum Controls 5069-IV16F-SC provides low power consumption helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Also look for the sister module, 5069-OV16F-SC 16-Point high-speed discrete sinking output.