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Storeroom Logix Seamlessly Connects You to the Supply Chain


Managing a facility’s MRO inventory is hard. You must account for every penny that is spent, and production cannot afford downtime because of out-of-stock items needed by maintenance to keep things up and running. As a result, you are constantly accumulating dead inventory, which costs you money. Storeroom Logix solves these problems for you by connecting you and McNaughton-McKay using their software and hardware platform. This creates an efficient, unified and intelligent Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) process. You gain greater control and visibility of your inventory and can identify waste before it happens. It virtually eliminates the manual time you spend managing VMI transactions and orders. When you work with McNaughton-McKay using Storeroom Logix we can standardize product locations, set minimum and maximum inventory levels, know exact locations and quantities of on-hand products, and intelligently set your critical replenishment levels. Storeroom Logix automatically optimizes your mins and maxes which eliminates dead inventory and stock-outs. Storeroom Logix is a cloud-based, Software as Services (SaaS) platform providing inventory management solutions.