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Proactively Prevent Downtime With Stratus everRun®


Downtime of critical applications has far-reaching safety and financial consequences. Your systems require continuous availability and Stratus everRun® can proactively prevent application downtime. everRun® software operates on your choice of standard servers to simplify the process of making your applications available all the time. The software enables your enterprise to easily create a customized fully supported solution without any changes to existing applications and it allows organizations with limited IT staff to run applications at adjustable levels of availability to meet changing application requirements. You can use everRun® to safeguard continuous application availability and avoid costly disruptions of a production control system.

Unplanned downtime can result from localized power failures or building-wide problems. With everRun’s split-site feature, synchronous data replications across two sites can be delivered guaranteeing that if disaster strikes in one location, applications and data are immediately available up-to-date and fully operational at another location without the need for IT staff at the second location.  Across multiple industries, everRun makes continuous availability a reality helping to ensure that revenue is unaffected, critical infrastructure is always operating, and your reputation remains untarnished. Regardless of your organizational size, everRun is the continuous availability solution you can rely on to meet your ever-increasing production demands.

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