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Your Operations Can Be Always-On with Stratus® ftServer®


The Stratus® ftServer® is an always-on hardware, software, and services solution that keeps your most critical applications up and running. ftServer is based on standard technology making it easy to install and flexible working with Linux, VMWare, and Windows® OS. With a no downtime guarantee is allows you to meet your business goals and remain compliant.

The ftServer’s hardware includes two servers that are managed as one. They are so tightly coupled that the operating system doesn’t recognize there are two servers. With only one image to manage, you only have one set of licenses for your applications allowing for lower costs. The fault tolerant hardware includes redundant servers with no single point of failure. You can tailor internal storage to your manufacturing needs and budget.

The software for the ftServer is equipped with an automated uptime layer that couples servers, manages errors, and prevents outages. Built-in fault detection and isolation prevents outages by resolving errors before they cause downtime. An automatic alert system notifies Stratus when intervention is required and ftServer’s upgrade technology minimizes planned downtime so you can address errors while the machine is still up and running.

Status’s services coupled with McNaughton-McKay’s services and solutions specialists, provide you with experts that can help you with monitoring and diagnostics 24/7.