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Hubbell’s Twist-Lock® Edge Devices With Spring Termination Take 10 Seconds to Install


In today's demanding environments installation efficiency is critical for saving time and money. Hubbell's Twist-Lock® Edge devices feature an innovative spring termination technology that allows for fast installations and solid connections every time. Building on the success of the Twist-Lock Edge receptacles Hubbell offers four and five wire cord-mounted plugs and panel-mounted flanged inlets. Their patented plunger and spring technology makes the installation of cord-mounted plugs and inlets a simple process. Molded in leverage points allow for quick termination release for easy change-outs in the future. This technology provides a highly secure connection that eliminates the possibility of strand relaxation over time due to thermal cycling vibration or dropped and abused plugs. The time you save using Hubbell’s Twist-Lock Edge devices translates into major cost savings on large-scale projects. Start saving time and money today by upgrading to Hubbell’s Twist-Lock Edge devices with spring termination.