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Ty-Rap® detectable cable ties reduce the risks of contamination in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications


The Ty-Rap® detectable cable ties from ABB Installation Products are made from a unique polypropylene compound that is detectable by x-ray equipment, metal detectors and visual inspection equipment. These cable ties are ideal for contamination-sensitive industries such as food and beverage and pharmaceutical. They are made of polymeric material that contains additives to increase their magnetism and density making them easier to detect by metal detectors and x-ray equipment. The cable ties are bright blue making them more visible which is vital in food processing applications. The polypropylene also makes the cable ties buoyant which is perfect for liquid applications and reduces the risk of cut-off tails or other cable tie pieces that could end up in the product and go undetected. These features help you mitigate the risk of product contamination and potential product recalls.