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WEG’s WG20 is The New Generation of Geared Motors


With industry-standard mounting dimensions and international certifications making worldwide retrofitting and use easy, the new energy efficiency classes up to IE3 WEG geared motors WG20 are right for your applications.  You will benefit by using the WG20 high power density geared motors by lowering operating, maintenance, and life cycle costs all while increasing system availability.  The WG20 is built with helical, parallel-shaft and helical bevel gear units with rugged pressure-cast aluminum housings up to 600 Nm and grey cast iron housings from 800 up to 18000 Nm.  If your applications involve timber processing, presses, conveyor belts, rotary tables, pumps, packaging machines, bakery equipment, lifts, looms, screw conveyors and screw compressors the WEG WG20 geared motors are right for you.  WEG’s cat4CAD® product configuration tool has comprehensive wizards with user-friendly navigation making it easy to interactively select products, and quickly configure them for your required drive.