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WIN-911 Industrial Alarm Notification Software Keeps Operations Running


WIN-911's newest software release to their industrial alarm notification software completely improves your user experience. It makes everything you do quicker, easier and more efficient. Big improvements have been made to the technology stack navigation, contact formation, notification policies and subscriptions making installation and configuration easier and faster. Your operators will find WIN-911 2011 faster, more intuitive and easy to learn. New and existing features have been streamlined into one simple workspace that cuts your system resources by up to half resulting in faster performance. It also means you'll spend less time installing, configuring, and maintaining your WIN-911 system. The new collapsible sidebar menu has nested sections, making it easy to navigate quickly between sections while staying in context. Adding a new user or configuring a notification type like email voice or SMS is even quicker in the new consolidated directory. The new straightforward format editor lets you quickly configure notification formats native to your SCADA with a one-click drop-down menu if you're creating more complex formats or pulling forward previously built alarm configurations. Download a 30-day free trial today or give McNaughton-McKay a call and we’ll help you uncover how WIN-911 2021 can work for you.