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Wittenstein's Planetary Gear Heads Have a High Level of Efficiency, High Transmission Torques, and Compact Designs


Low backlash planetary gear heads are the connecting link between a servo motor and an application. The main function of the gear head is to transform torque and speed and adjust mass inertia. If you opened the gear head up, you would see toothing which is the central element of every gear head. The components driven by the servo motor are called the sun wheel because they revolve around the center of the gear head, just like planets revolving around the sun. The revolving planets circulate around the sun wheel with the intention of transmitting power. The planet’s orbit is determined by the ring gear in the housing. The planetary wheel connects the individual planets and transmits power as a combined force.

Critical for the power and speed transmission is the ratio. The ratio represents the relation of the driving speed on the input side to the driven speed on the output side and is defined by the relation of the ring gear size to the size of the Sun wheel. The development, production, and sales of low backlash planetary gear heads are the core competence of Wittenstein.