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Use your procurement system to connect to and access the products and information you need for your requisitions and purchase orders without duplicating order entry.

All-in-One Solution for B2B Transactions

We connect with your procurement system creating a streamlined process.


Punchout connects your procurement system and, enabling B2B companies to streamline the buying process by automating authentication and cart order transfer between buyers and McNaughton-McKay.

  • Access real-time price and availability and vendor tools.
  • View detailed product descriptions and images.
  • Search our entire product catalog.


Purchase Order (PO) Automation replaces the need for manual PO documents, enabling your company to deliver accurate order information into our systems. This leads to accelerated order acceptance and processing.

  • Expedite order processing and fulfillment.
  • Reduce ordering errors.
  • Limit manual follow-up efforts on confirmations.


Invoice Automation streamlines the invoicing process by translating and delivering supplier invoice data electronically into buyer eProcurement your ERP solution. This integration not only reduces discrepancies and promotes quicker payment processes but also significantly improves the PO-to-invoice reconciliation process.

  • Reduce manual entry.
  • Shorten the reconciliation timeline and minimize exceptions.
  • Improve 3-way matching.