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Industrial Automation

Improve your industrial automation quality and precision with a partner who understands your daily challenges and can provide you the tools to gain a competitive edge in your marketplace. You need integrated information from your plant floor to drive efficiency and adapt quickly, but how can you gather actionable data with fragmented and outdated machinery, legacy information systems and disparate automation?

Leverage the expertise of specialists who are familiar with migration solutions for automation technology and skilled at incorporating products from multiple providers for an integrated solution to replace technology silos using integrated, information-enabled plant and supply networks. With the help of specialized software packages, you can take the guesswork out of designing and upgrading your system and stay ahead of the curve.

Control Systems

Designing your industrial control system has never been easier with the configuration tools available from Rockwell Automation that help you right-size the system that fits your needs. McNaughton-McKay can assist with these configurations and help you to upgrade where needed.

Make informed selections between systems like Rockwell Automation ControlLogix®, CompactLogix® and Micro800® to fit everything from your most demanding application to basic control needs.

Choose from a variety of I/O solutions ranging from chassis-based, distributed or mounted on a machine.  


To understand your obsolescence risk, we offer a lifecycle analysis of your equipment, spare parts, and software inventory. A thorough review helps you prioritize your modernization needs and goals while identifying critical equipment, risks and migration options. Reduce downtime during upgrades with specialized migration solutions for hardware as well as machine-level and site-level HMI systems. 

Plant-Wide Optimization

Manufacturing convergence integrates your plant floor with your enterprise IT systems to unify your people, processes and technology. Your current equipment must be optimized effectively. When you invest in modern machinery coupled with process improvements you invest in the future of your plant.

Minimize downtime and unplanned maintenance while improving quality and speeding deliveries to end-users with smooth production. Cut costs caused by scrap, rework and excess inventories when you reduce energy consumption and generate a higher output from the same plant footprint. 

Updated equipment in tangent with integrated systems help you easily accommodate new products, materials and component technologies as well as comply with new regulations and customer specifications. 

Streamlining Engineering Design

Rockwell Automation's Integrated Architecture minimizes the number of software tools you need for configuration, startup, diagnostics and visualization capabilities. Unlike other systems that require additional customization to provide value-added functionality such as asset management, monitoring and information, Rockwell’s Integrated Architecture portfolio helps you to speed device configuration as well as control, status and diagnostic tasks.

Available Services

Installed Base Evaluation

Gain the ability to understand your industrial asset inventory across your facilities. Plan for the future with the big picture in sight.

Integrated Power Distribution Centers

Your equipment is safely stored at the Power Distribution Center (PDC) fabrication warehouse, reducing the risk of being damaged on-site.

Network Installations

A complete network can be installed from the ground floor up. Whether you have a green- or brownfield site, we can install each piece of your fully optimized industrial network.

Control Panel Assembly

Electromagnetic interference is increasingly the culprit in industrial control panel failures. Let us configure and assemble your panel to eliminate lost production, unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs.