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Customer Alliance Program (CAP)

Managed inventory saves you time and money. Our Customer Alliance Program (CAP) is designed to be a collaborative supplier and customer relationship. Being able to manage your onsite electrical inventory effectively and efficiently is one of our biggest priorities. With dedicated resources in each of our branches, we can offer a customized program relative to your needs.

Your customized Customer Alliance Program will provide you with: complete and concise reports, improved inventory accuracy, increased productivity, reduced carrying costs, reduced manpower requirements, reduced paperwork and associated costs.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor managed inventory is the preferred way of doing business for thousands of manufacturers, distributors, contractors, OEMs and end users. When you participate in the Customer Alliance Program, your inventory will be managed in such a way that you will experience the benefits of partnered inventory management.

McNaughton-McKay’s VMI program helps reduce employee hours spent on inventory management, reallocating them for more productive and revenue-generating activities. You will realize a reduction in inventory carrying costs, elimination of lost materials and rush orders that carry additional charges, increased inventory accuracy and accurate reports that represent inventory movement and turnover.

STOREROOM LOGIX (SRX) is a software and hardware platform that helps gain control and visibility of your vendor managed inventory decreasing the manual time needed to manage inventory and transactions. Through Storeroom Logix, you can standardize product locations, set minimum and maximum inventory levels and maintain accurate inventory locations and quantities. With optimized minimum/maximum levels, dead inventory and over-ordering are eliminated. Using the smartphone app, OneTouch, you can scan barcodes to reorder and track your entire crib or storeroom.  

  • Inventory maintained at set rates
  • All inventory counts stored in one place
  • Self-shopping available
  • Access system remotely
  • Real-time API integration from McNaughton-McKay ERP to yours
  • Unique barcoding reduces scan time and increases accuracy
  • Dashboard of real-time data to eliminate the risk of dead inventory and stock-outs


Having a detailed knowledge of your plant empowers you to make data-driven decisions for product migration, obsolescence planning, MRO and mitigating risks that contribute to expensive downtime. Installed base evaluations provide you with actionable intelligence and analysis for your plant's critical assets. An IBE provides a comprehensive list of Rockwell Automation and non-Rockwell Automation products, providing valuable insight into your facility about what equipment needs to be updated, replaced and adjusted to reduce impacts to your spare parts management strategy.


McNaughton-McKay’s Channel Asset Management Program provides you a dedicated resource for all your equipment repairs on thousands of electrical, electronic, servo and robotics products from a variety of manufacturers. Your CHAMP specialist ensures that your equipment gets to the repair facility quickly while apprising you of the status of the repair. They track the progress from the moment your product is picked up at your facility or job site until it is repaired, fully functional and back in your facility. They can provide enhanced warranty offerings, pricing advantages, step-by-step repair tracking and up-to-date reporting on your unit. A 12-month in-service warranty and supplies failure reporting and tracking services are tailored to fit your needs. They advocate for the best possible repair cost because they understand repair pricing structures and requirements.

Repair Services

McNaughton-McKay partners with Rockwell Automation in the Repair Services Program. Our Customer Alliance Program makes it easy for your company to take advantage of these repair services. Your Customer Alliance Representative will pick up your defective piece of electrical, electronic, servo and robotic equipment and manage the repair process for you. Rockwell Automation offers comprehensive repair of thousands of Rockwell Automation and non-Rockwell Automation products. When your certified repair is complete, your representative will return it to your facility. This allows you to focus more time and energy on your operations.

On Site Storage Options

Job Carts

Job carts allow you to efficiently and securely store tools and supplies during the construction of your project. This staging product allows you to keep your products organized and safe from theft. Job carts increase productivity by minimizing the number of trips you need to take to your storage area. Carts can be delivered, replenished and returned as needed to meet your job requirements. With our mobile app, you can track and replenish your job cart stock in two simple steps.

Mobile Storerooms

Mobile trailers can be placed at your location to help reduce storeroom traffic during plant shutdowns. This helps to control your costs by providing materials directly to onsite contractors and gives you the ability to regulate employee access. It reduces your need for dedicated warehouse space with outside storage and eliminates damaged material and loss of product. McNaughton-McKay’s mobile storeroom management program eliminates the need for you to lease a container resulting in cost savings.

Vending Machines

Automated industrial vending machines help you to implement inventory management efficiently and effectively across your entire company. Industrial vending machine systems provide point-of-use information for products. Employees have immediate access to products they need by simply entering their ID. Our Customer Alliance Program sets up and installs the industrial vending machine with the products you specify. Recordkeeping is done, inventory levels are tracked, recorded and reordered at intervals you select.