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With increasing productivity demands and evolving technology, plant floor infrastructures continue to be impacted and there’s an urgent need to modernize legacy systems. Control engineers, maintenance technicians and IT managers each face unique challenges when managing and securing disparate industrial control infrastructure. McNaughton-McKay blends proven plant floor OT experience with IT knowledge, bridging the gap between IT and OT with validated designs, reference architectures and the ability to enable you to operate, manage and maintain your industrial control system network. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing flat network in need of a redesign, McNaughton-McKay can help you start to create a robust production network by asking these five simple questions:

  • What is the current health of your industrial control system network?
  • Do you have a list of assets on your network?
  • Do you have an initiative to improve or expand your industrial control system network?
  • Does your industrial control system network support your current production requirements?
  • Will your industrial control system network provide the performance necessary to support planned future growth?

Networking Solutions & Services

Network Assessment

A standard network assessment can provide you with the data needed to improve the health and security of your industrial control system (ICS) Ethernet network. A network assessment provides detailed information about the architecture, communications, security and disaster recovery preparedness of your network.

Network Triage

Triage services are primarily meant to quickly diagnose and address issues on an industrial control system network. Triage is offered to respond and execute faster than a traffic analysis, but it is not intended as a 24/7 emergency break-fix service.

Network Traffic Analysis

A network traffic analysis examines the information communicated over your industrial control system network. Network traffic analysis can document if device communication requirements are being met or where issues may arise. Recommended remediation steps will provide the best course of action to improve the performance of your network.

Security Posture Survey (SPS)

Rockwell Automation’s security posture survey provides information to assess and prioritize security risks identified on the industrial controls network. This is done through an asset inventory, baseline network packet capture and abnormality detection. It provides an actionable plan and next steps to secure an operational technologies (OT) network. The SPS is a service that can be delivered remotely.

Network Installations

Whether you have a greenfield or a brownfield site, McNaughton-McKay can provide the installation services to support your fully optimized industrial control system network, from a single switch configuration to a complete network.

Network Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared for catastrophic network failure? From data loss to employee departure, your team and your technology need to be prepared for the next step when disaster strikes. McNaughton-McKay can help develop a plan to recover from multiple types of events, establish onsite and offsite backups of critical systems and processes as well as formulate lists of key vendors and equipment necessary to recover production. We can provide asset management to detect and record events to protect against future incidents. Preparedness is key to prevent negative impact on production.

Secure Remote Access

Remote access reduces the cost and time needed to troubleshoot your unexpected machine failures. With remote access to smart machines, you can respond faster to equipment issues or help prevent them in the first place—resulting in less downtime and increased production. There can be significant challenges to implementing remote access of industrial control systems including security, connectivity and complexity. Additionally, there are IT demands which need to be addressed to provide secure remote access. For many users, these obstacles limit the implementation of remote access. McNaughton-McKay has experience implementing hardware and software remote access solutions. Our team can help you determine the right solution for your environment and your budget.