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Renewable Energy

Clean energy is the future. Renewable energy sources, such as solar power, play an enormous part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and electrical expenses. Innovations in the renewable energy industry are driving down costs and making integration into the power grid easier and more reliable. Energy storage systems allow you to store your solar energy and utilize it when you need it, making a solar installation even more appealing for both the home and office. With General MotorsFord and other manufacturers racing to meet the demand for electrical vehicles, EV charging stations are becoming increasingly necessary. Providing you with cutting-edge renewable energy solutions in this competitive marketplace is our top priority, and we have the experts and inventory to support you and your projects.  

Solar Solutions

Analysts are predicting that renewable energy will account for 60% of the world's electric production by 2060. At McNaughton-McKay, we have a focused effort on solar products, and we understand the complexity that goes into each successful solar installation.  

EV Charging Stations

The automotive market is rapidly changing. Industry experts suggest that 35% of vehicles sold will be electric by 2040. It’s time to prepare for the future where electric vehicles are no longer the exception. Electric vehicles on the road across America need charging stations that are affordable and easy to use and find when traveling. Let McNaughton-McKay show you how EV charging stations can work for you at home, work or on the road.


Batteries help you get the most out of your renewable energy solution. Having the right renewable energy management and storage option is important to ensure you have reliable access to stored energy when you need it. McNaughton-McKay’s battery manufacturers provide quality products with diverse solutions to meet your specific needs.


What Are the Two Kinds of Energy?

There are two kinds of energy that create electricity: renewable and non-renewable. Oil and coal are non-renewable sources of energy. When we use up the resources, there is no way for them to be replenished. Renewable energy, on the other hand, comes from sources that can be replenished...