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Cybersecurity Is a Team Sport: Bringing IT and OT Together


This one-hour webinar takes a closer look at how IT and OT departments need to work together to decrease organizational cybersecurity risks. The program is designed to help you identify ways IT and OT can collaborate to secure your facilities and communicate to your teams the necessary importance of working together to strengthen your networks. Experts from Rockwell Automation review the growing threat of cyberattacks, where to start with bolstering your cybersecurity initiatives and industry best practices.


Welcome and Introductions

Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape

  • Exploring the evolving threats in the digital age
  • Introduction to NIST and NIST 2.0 standards
  • Fiduciary Responsibility in cybersecurity

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

  • Discussion on the importance of securing critical infrastructure
  • Identifying vulnerabilities and potential risks

Steps to Protect Your OT Environment

  • Practical steps to safeguard your OT environment
  • Understanding the essentials of OT security

Incident Response - IT vs. OT

  • Differentiating incident response in IT and OT environments
  • How to respond effectively to OT cybersecurity incidents

Why McNaughton-McKay and Rockwell Automation?

  • Presentation on the unique cybersecurity capabilities of McNaughton-McKay and Rockwell Automation
  • Why we are the best solution for your cybersecurity needs


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Lauren Blocker, Rockwell Automation
Lauren is a seasoned IT and OT Technology professional with over 25 years of experience working with practitioners and leaders across many key industry verticals including manufacturing, finance, healthcare, retail, and logistics. She is passionate about how technology can transform business. In her current role at Rockwell Automation as an Industrial Cybersecurity consulting partner, Lauren supports clients in the manufacturing and critical Infrastructure verticals to assess and articulate OT/ICS risk, gain alignment with key stakeholders, and develop OT-centric cybersecurity programs to mitigate risk holistically.

Brian Deken, Rockwell Automation
Brian is the North America Commercial Manager for Rockwell Automation’s Networks and Cybersecurity Practice. He’s worked in the Automation Industry for over 20 years with various roles involving Services, Sales, and Business Development. Brian is responsible for evolving Risk Management solutions and strategies while working across organizations to deliver Cybersecurity outcomes based on IEC-62443 and NIST-800 standards.