McNaughton-McKay Inventory Management



Managed inventory saves you time and money. Our Customer Alliance Program is designed to be a collaborative supplier and customer relationship. Your ability to manage your on-site electrical inventory effectively and efficiently is one of your biggest priorities. With dedicated resources in each of our branches, we can offer a customized program relative to your needs.

Your customized Customer Alliance Program will provide you with:

  • Complete and concise reports
  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced carrying costs
  • Reduced manpower requirements
  • Reduced paperwork and its associated costs



Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor managed inventory is the preferred way of doing business for thousands of manufacturers, distributors, contractors, OEMs and end users. When you participate in the Customer Alliance Program your inventory will be managed in such a way that you will experience:

  • Reduction of employee hours spent on inventory that can be reallocated for more productive and revenue generating activities
  • Reduction on inventory carrying costs
  • Elimination of lost materials
  • Elimination of rush orders which carry additional charges
  • Increased accuracy of inventory
  • Accurate reports that represent inventory movement and turnover



Mobile Storeroom Management
  • Reduces storeroom traffic during plant shutdowns
  • Improves cost control by providing materials directly to on-site contractors
  • Gives you the ability to regulate employee access
  • Reduces needed warehouse space with outside storage usage
  • Eliminates need to lease container resulting in cost savings
  • Consignment materials contracts available
  • Single PO purchases with a blanket agreement to have material replenished as needed
  • Eliminations of damaged material and loss of product

Vending Machines


This is not your candy bar vending machine.Automated industrial vending machines help you to implement inventory management efficiently and effectively across your entire company.Industrial vending machine systems provide point-of-use information for products.Employees have immediate access to products they need by simply entering their ID.

Our Customer Alliance Program setups and installs the industrial vending machine with the products that you specify.Recordkeeping is done automatically just like a tool crib attendant.Inventory levels are tracked, recorded and reordered at the intervals that you demand.When industrial vending machines are used, you will realize reduced inventory, cost savings and employee productivity increases.




McNaughton-McKay You Green Connection

Recycling is part of your daily life in the manufacturing and construction world.The Customer Alliance Program can help you stay compliant with the recycling of lamps, ballasts, batteries and MORE. There are numerous benefits to having McNaughton-McKay manage your recycling program that include:

  • Documented Compliance
  • Easy to Order
  • Easy to Use
  • Expert Help Available
  • Low Cost Compliance
  • Reduce Administrative Burden



Repair Services

McNaughton-McKay is partners with Rockwell Automation in the Repair Services Program.Our Customer Alliance Program makes it easy for your company to take advantage of these repair services.Your Customer Alliance Representative, will pick up your defective piece of electrical, electronic, servo, and robotic equipment and manage the repair process for you.Rockwell Automation offers comprehensive repair of thousands of Rockwell Automation and Non-Rockwell products.When your certified repair is completed, your representative will return it back to your facility.This allows you to focus more time and energy on keeping your operations running.


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