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When building a new facility or looking for ways to cut costs in an existing space, lighting is often the last thing people think about. In reality, lighting should be an early topic for building owners and facility managers to consider. Why should it be on the top of everyone's list? It saves money!

Manufacturing facilities lighting systems

Manufacturing facilities can be at a competitive disadvantage when an outdated lighting system consumes up to 15% of the facilities energy.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Association, a properly designed and executed lighting retrofit can reduce energy usage by up to 60%, improving EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) up to 17%.

Commercial buildings energy efficient lighting system

Specifying a high quality energy efficient lighting system in your commercial buildings can:

  • Help cut lighting operation costs 30% to 60%
  • Provide a comfortable yet an aesthetically pleasing environment

Enhance lighting quality, reduce environmental impacts and promote health and work productivity.


If you are in need of a lighting application in the interior or exterior of your building, we have the solution. If you need help selecting cost-effective and energy-efficient products appropriate for your project, we know the solution. If you want to meet the needs of your employees and customers, we can devise a solution.

  • Lighting Energy Audits is a free service we offer to help you understand what your current energy consumption is, where you can save money and how quickly you will achieve your payback.
  • Return on Investment Analysis lets you rest easy knowing when your investment will begin to pay for itself. We gear our projects for a 3 year payback or sooner
  • Auto Cad Capabilities give us the ability to manipulate drawings to provide the lighting requirements and specifications for any design project . CAD aides in the completion of Photometric Studies in a timely, accurate, and attractive manner.
  • Complete Fixture Specifications help you understand exactly what you are buying; allows you the ability to identify which light has the features you need; and can help you identify additional ways to save money.
  • Control System Layouts show how controls will meet engineer's specifications, designer's goals, and government requirements. These layouts are helpful when quoting labor costs and field installations.
  • LEED Certified Design done by a certified professional demystifies the certification requirements needed to comply with your LEED projects.
  • Photometric Studies provide the appropriate light levels needed for a specific application so your application is lit properly to code requirements and utility rebate standards.
  • Point by Point Lighting Analysis is provided on projects that are required to have certified engineering drawings to ensure lighting levels meet the minimum code requirements for designated areas.

We can help solve your unique lighting challenges in a wide range of interior and exterior environments while meeting the needs of the people who use those spaces.

Office Lighting


  • Increase Property Value
  • Enhance Employee Productivity
  • Improve Energy Efficiency


Education Facilities Lighting


  • Enrich Learning Environments
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Time & Budgetary Solutions


Outdoor Commercial Lighting


  • Improve Safety & Security
  • Decrease Light Pollution & Trespass
  • Boost Community Support


Healthcare Lighting


  • Modern Technology Fit for Health Care Environment
  • Increase Patient Comfort
  • Assure Patient Safety


Automotive Lighting


  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Improve Manufacturing Quality
  • Strengthen Employee Moral


Specialty Application Lighting


  • Harsh Environments
  • Hazardous Locations
  • Adverse Applications


Industrial Manufacturing Lighting


  • Increase Workplace Safety
  • Lessen Environmental Impact
  • Maximized Return on Investment


Warehouse Lighting


  • Improve Operating Conditions
  • Raise Workflow Performance
  • Quick ROI Payback Opportunity



Lighting projects need to be fully managed according to your terms and conditions. You need detailed and timely documentation throughout your entire project. Project files and communications need to be clear and concise so they can be easily reviewed for any open issues to help assure accuracy and accountability. We understand these needs and have designed our lighting project management program to ensure your requirements are met relative to cost, quality and timely delivery.

Design & Build Assistance Services   provide you a CAD Layout and/or 3D Imaging, which confirms your design parameters and improves project design and quality. This documentation provides you a competitive advantage by reducing your quoting and design costs.

Stage & Store Project Management includes customer-specific project labeling, reducing freight claims, jobsite damage and product theft. We deliver it just-in-time to your location specifications so you can focus on building and not material transportation.

Tracking & Summary Invoicing gives you real-time information about when materials will be delivered, what has already been shipped and the ability to see all charges in summary format.

Energy Efficient Design & Utility Rebates prepared by our lighting experts give you added assurances that your desired cost savings are there and that your rebates are submitted accurately for maximum return.

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