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Lighting is our passion. We take careful consideration of spatial illumination requirements and energy usage in conjunction with sustainability and aesthetics which can result in a space with a natural and appealing environment.

Lighting design/build is an alternative to the traditional project-bid delivery method. The vast majority of our design/build opportunities revolve around existing facilities, replacing old with new technology. We work directly with the owners and occupants to find the best design possible. We partner with many of the best manufacturers to ensure you get the right products for your specific applications.

Streamlining project delivery through a single contract between the owner and the design build team creates an alliance, which fosters collaboration and teamwork. United from the outset of every project, an integrated team readily works to successfully complete a project faster, more cost effectively and with fewer change orders.


Whether working from prints, CAD drawings, or electronic submittals, we have the experience, products and insight to optimize your lighting application.

  • Site visits to obtain real world perspective of the application
  • Photometric design formatted to your specifications
  • Complete submittals and supporting documentation for the finished design.
  • AUTOCAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities to integrate into the construction documents.

Advantages of CAD Layout and 3D Imaging Services:

  • Confirms design parameters
  • Improves project design and quality
  • Professional documents provide competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Reduces contractor and owner quoting / designing costs

Lighting System Project Management

  • Accurate and timely price quotation
  • Expedited order entry
  • Prompt response to order confirmation and projected ship dates
  • Assistance in tracking merchandise to the job site
  • Site assistance for installation questions

While we're well versed in other methods of construction delivery, we are strong supporters of the Design/Build methodology. It's easier to manage a project and its costs because of the structure.

  • Design/Build lighting saves time - eliminating obstacles that often delay a project.
  • Design/Build lighting saves money - selecting most cost efficient product for the application.
  • Design/Build lighting allows the owner to have more input - able to select systems that best suit their needs and meet their project budget

Design/Build Lighting Provides Electrical Contractors With:

Benefits of Design/Build Lighting
  • Site support
  • Photometric design
  • Submittal generation
  • Accurate budget and project pricing
  • Return on investment (ROI) calculations:
    • Light source comparison - LED vs. Fluorescent vs. HID vs. Induction.
    • Life cycle maintenance cost - cost for building owner to maintain system for life of building.
    • Systems controls and integration - maximizing energy savings with granular fixture switching, dimming and daylight harvesting.

We are COMMITED to proving order Accuracy, product quality, on-time delivery, and project coordination that results in a successful design.

We are COMMITED to paying attention to detail which results in no surprises.

We are COMMITTED to design and performance reliability so the project stays on budget while maintaining the integrity of your design and desired system performance.


McNaughton-McKay Electric Company provides lighting specifications, photometric studies, and lighting design assistance for the manufacturers represented by our firm. We do not provide lighting design or electrical engineering services that must be provided by a State Licensed Architect or State Licensed Professional Engineer.


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