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Job Carts from McNaughton-McKay – Construction Site Solutions


McNaughton-McKay’s Customer Alliance Program (CAP) can help you increase inventory control, revenue and reduce costs with our job cart solution. Job carts allow you to efficiently and securely store tools and supplies during the construction of your project. This staging product allows you to keep your products organized and safe from theft. Job Carts increase productivity by minimizing the number of trips you need to take to your storage area. Carts can be delivered, replenished and returned as needed to meet your job requirements.

  • Bins allow for storage & organization of small parts
  • Carts can be lifted to floors by cranes or forklifts for easy transporting
  • Conduit & strut racks keeps all material in one location
  • Reduces storage costs, ordering, receiving and billing
  • Rotating casters provide easy maneuverability
  • Spacious shelving to fit your supply needs