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Lighting is a critical component of your facility’s design. It helps facilitate a safe and efficient work environment and is an important part of your energy efficiency strategy.

Lighting Design For Every Application

Office Space

The quality of lighting has a direct impact on employee productivity. Lighting can even improve employee mental health.

Industrial/ Manufacturing

A well-configured lighting system supports workforce morale, safety initiatives, production quality, and overall efficiency.


Outdoor lighting systems offer significant safety benefits as well as an increased sense of security for pedestrians and drivers.

Multi-Family Facilities

Well-lit areas in multi-residential and senior living facilities improve safety, reduce accidents and make life easier for residents.

Outdoor Lighting

Quality outdoor lighting products provide functional solutions, offer visual comfort, and illuminate spaces for safe use. They also maximize energy efficiency and reduce light pollution.

Specialty Applications

Environments where water, oil and dust are present offer unique challenges when selecting proper lighting. It’s important to choose the right solution to withstand impact, vibration and extreme temperatures while protecting sensitive electronic equipment.

Educational Institutions

Lighting can create a more effective learning environment, which can lead to improved test scores, enhanced learning and increased overall student productivity. Better safety and security can also be achieved with good lighting.


Ample lighting is crucial in a warehouse environment for streamlined picking, packing, shipping and receiving workflows. Well-placed lighting can help reduce personnel accidents as well as damaged goods.


A successful lighting system can address the unique challenges of a hazardous environment while reducing energy usage, maintenance costs and meeting stringent safety requirements.

Municipal/ Government

Customized lighting packages promote efficiency, reduce waste, conserve resources, lessen overall environmental impact and support the health and safety of employees and residents.

Healthcare Facilities

Optimized lighting systems can ease energy consumption, help accelerate patient recovery time, decrease anxiety in patients and employees and enhance overall productivity.


Improved lighting eliminates shadows to create brighter workstations which helps reduce accidents and improve workplace safety. Production line inspection can also be enhanced with custom lighting.

Lighting Services

Our lighting services are tailored to meet your specific application and project requirements.  

Lighting Design and Application Assistance

  • Photometric Studies and CAD Layout or 3D Imaging
  • Lighting Control System Layout
  • Take-off Services and Design-Build Assistance
  • Lighting Energy Audits / ROI Calculations
  • Utility Rebates
  • LEED Accredited Professionals

Project Management

  • Project Management
  • Project Tracking and Summary Invoicing
  • Logistics & Material Storage
  • Inventory Planning