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To save yourself time, money and reduce unplanned downtime, a systems approach to your drives, motion and mechanical products is your best investment. McNaughton-McKay can help you reduce mechanical wear and tear with our complete offering of mechanical products and components to extend your machine’s life. 

We offer products and solutions for precise positioning to help eliminate lost mechanical motion and production errors simultaneously. Our specialists know how to optimize your mechanical system with high quality components such as linear guides, shuttles, ball screws and couplings paired with the properly sized motor and drive combination as well as controllers to ensure that your high-accuracy positioning system thrives. Control devices that have mechanically precise positioning improve accuracy and control stability.

Related Services

Manufacturing Mechanical Solutions

Mechatronic solutions are vitally important in every manufacturing facility because they combine mechanical and electrical engineering. With the multitude of moving parts and precision positioning needed for manufacturing, companies are increasingly switching to a combination of the two approaches. Regardless of your industry, you need properly sized control, transmission and feedback devices to ensure your solutions give you flexible control through accurate positioning. Our mechanical solutions are designed to simplify your machine design, provide more system flexibility and create optimal system performance.

OEM Mechanical Solutions

If you build automation equipment, you need a partner that can help identify market trends and build machines for future success. Mechatronic solutions allow you to build a more efficient machine with a cross-disciplinary engineering approach. When you combine mechanical engineering and quality components with the latest controls’ technology, you add quality and cost savings that can be passed on to your customers.