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Proper sizing and selection of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) require a deep understanding of your mechanical system and what features you require to obtain the desired performance. A drive must be optimized for all your processes and controls. McNaughton-McKay’s system engineers can help you specify the most suitable drive for your application.

We offer AC and DC variable frequency drives and servo drives that are designed for flexibility, productivity and ease of use. Our VFD offering includes low voltage and medium voltage systems ranging from ¼ to 2000+ HP. The servo drives we provide handle a variety of motion applications from simple, single-axis installations to complex, multi-axis coordinated motion applications. Our specialists are experienced and ready to help you choose the best drive product with a focus on improving system performance.  

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Why Use Allen-Bradley Drives?

Allen-Bradley drives are designed to fit any application in any location. They are easy to use and the general-purpose class includes time-saving benefits and a compact design to optimize your panel space and increase versatility. Whether your application requires speed, torque or position control, Allen-Brady drives are right for you.

With Allen-Bradley’s Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) feature, VFDs can be replaced in minutes with no manual programming required. Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000 software and Logix controllers detect a replaced drive and download all configuration parameters automatically, saving you time and money.

For stand-alone applications, Rockwell Automation offers Connected Components Workbench, a drives programming software, to assist you with device configuration and startup wizards to reduce initial machine startup time and cost.

Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) for Motor Control Devices

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Drive Startup

Purchasing a VFD can be a big investment. Anyone can sell you the drive that runs a motor, but not everyone can help you design and select an entire system of motors, gearing and drives giving you one single point of contact and ensuring all the pieces and parts work together. With McNaughton-McKay, you have access to a single source for drive system components as well as the insight of our experienced engineers to assure you that your application will perform properly, efficiently and to its full potential.

Pairing the right motor with your drive helps eliminate downtime and unexpected shutdowns. Choose from a variety of manufacturers you can count on and get expert guidance to feel confident in your selection. 

Mitigating Power Quality Fluctuations

VFDs present unique challenges with harmonic distortion. We can help you mitigate harmonics issues by specifying the correct peripheral devices to ensure that your drives do not cause any issues with other sensitive equipment inside your facility.

Migration Strategies

Rockwell Automation's Integrated Architecture minimizes the number of software tools you need for configuration, startup, diagnostics and visualization capabilities. Unlike other systems that require additional customization to provide value-added functionality such as asset management, monitoring and information, Rockwell’s Integrated Architecture portfolio helps you to speed device configuration as well as control, status and diagnostic tasks.