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Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

Developing effective predictive and preventative maintenance strategies is key to ensuring safety, productivity and profitability. Predictive maintenance programs can maximize uptime and offer a reduced cost burden (in terms of both time and money) compared to traditional preventative maintenance. An effective predictive maintenance program conserves resources by prompting action when it is required, rather than following a preventative schedule that may lead to parts being replaced before their lifecycle is complete.

Your predictive maintenance strategy will help you prepare for and prevent future issues. Implementing real-time monitoring provides vital intelligence to inform your predictive maintenance program about the physical conditions that affect your machine’s lifespan and efficiency.

Preventive maintenance is proactive and relies on historical data from your machine operations to identify potential problems and plan for the downtime of scheduled maintenance. McNaughton-McKay’s systems engineers have the expertise to help you create strategies and architect solutions tailored to your facility that maximize the benefits of both.

Predictive Services

Thermography inspection and assessment can prevent breakdowns, downtime, potential loss of earnings and property damage. Regular thermography inspections of your electrical assets can identify electrical faults before their failure becomes a costly concern for your business. McNaughton-McKay’s services team can scan electrical cabinets, breaker panels, fuses, bolted connections and switchgear. We can also examine mechanical systems, motors, bearings and more. Upon completion of our thermography inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report showing your facility’s probable threats and potential failures along with recommend remediation actions.

Ultra-Sonic Air Leak assessments will identify your compressed air systems’ health to detect and document air leaks. Compressed air leaks are a significant source of wasted energy, often draining as much as 20-30% of a compressor’s output. McNaughton-McKay’s services team technicians can perform an ultrasonic leak detection assessment of all compressed air and pneumatic distribution systems throughout your facility. Targets for inspection include main headers, coupling, hoses, fittings, joints, quick disconnects, drops, filter-regulator-lubricators, valves and anywhere compressed air is utilized.

Vibration Analysis detects abnormal vibration events and evaluates the overall condition of your components, machines, drives or motors. Our vibration analysis services look for vibration peaks at the component level and identify patterns from data collection. Through harmonic analysis we can determine the severity and implement a remediation plan to resolve the issue and reduce, if not eliminate, future risk.

Power Quality irregularities can harm the performance and life expectancy of your electronic components and are the leading source of unplanned downtime. We provide monitoring solutions to identify power disturbances impacting your facility or specific machines. Next, we uncover the root cause of your power quality problems and devise solutions to protect your critical equipment which may include voltage sag correctors, uninterruptible power suppliers, surge and filtration products.