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Human Machine Interface (HMI) products provide a window into critical production process information and enterprise data that can accelerate development and enhance operations across every type of industry and manufacturing environment.

Your control system continually produces valuable system and production data. Seeing that information on an operator interface display or a desktop dashboard helps you and your team make informed decisions that can minimize costs and improve response time. With the right visualization system in place, you could achieve enterprise-wide integration of data vital to management, operations and engineering functions.  

Plant-Wide Optimization

Starting with the equipment on your production floor, maintenance and control engineers can now more easily access and utilize the information most relevant to their day-to-day jobs. Production and processes are more efficiently maintained when operators have the right context and insights to make informed decisions on the floor. This data can be further contextualized for plant managers using this information to isolate line performance, track scrap costs and monitor downtime.

Machine Level HMI Solutions

An operator interface is required whenever people work with machines in a plant environment. It’s easy to find devices specific to individual tasks but finding a solution that will grow with your manufacturing needs and has the flexibility to integrate advanced networks and meet demands for transparency and data-driven results can be difficult. You need HMI solutions that are intuitive, scalable, can be monitored remotely and offer built-in Ethernet features. 

PanelView™ 5000 Graphics Terminals  |  PanelView™ Plus 7  |  PanelView™ 800

Site Level HMI Solutions

A clear view across lines and production processes is essential to understand potential efficiencies. FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) is a supervisory-level HMI software for monitoring and controlling distributed-server/multi-user applications. It provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of operations and meets the demands of multiple stakeholders including engineering, maintenance and operations. 

FactoryTalk View SE scales from a stand-alone HMI system to a distributed visualization solution and enables you to take advantage of mobility, virtualization and other technologies to deliver critical visibility when and where you need it.

Leveraging this solution:

  • Lowers IT integration costs.
  • Enables production and IT convergence.
  • Maintains operational integrity with layered security when under threat.

Web Enabled HMI Solution

Access, monitor and engage with plant floor operations remotely from your mobile device with FactoryTalk® ViewPoint. This mobile-ready extension provides a secure interface with your HMI applications through a web browser. Operators can trend/write back from a mobile device when they are not near the machine. Engineering and maintenance can remotely see and react to system alarms and production data. IT can secure infrastructure and products to support your company’s mobility strategy and reinforce a "bring your own device" (BYOD) operation with multi-platform support. Management and supervisors can see line performance and production data from anywhere, anytime.

Enhancement Products & Solutions

Content Delivery & Device Management: ThinManager® offers centralized management solutions for the modern factory and office by simplifying the management of applications and visual sources.

Edge Computing: Stratus Technologies is the leading provider of availability solutions for your critical infrastructure to stay always up, always on.

Industrial Hardware Solutions: DYNICS offers a comprehensive line of industrial computers, large format displays and interactive touchscreen products designed and manufactured in Ann Arbor, Michigan. DYNICS builds reliable and durable products with high-quality hardware and incorporates custom integration.