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stage and store wire and cable

In order to ensure profitability in today's challenging business environment, it is critical to look beyond product costs to manage your construction projects.  Our wire management services offer a number of ways to maximize your efficiency and profitability.

Our extensive inventory and ability to stage and store wire and cable for just in time delivery reduces handling, loss and theft of expensive commodities.  Compartment and paralleled wire, cut to your specifications and shipped directly from our warehouse to your jobsite, aide in reducing installation time and scrap materials.  To help significantly reduce your setup time of pulling wire, we are able to include single use pulling eyes on your orders.

These proven tools and methods will deliver you the most cost effective solution for all your construction projects.



  • Readily Available Wire & Cable means you can call when you are on your way to our counter and it will be ready for you upon arrival.
  • Flexibility to Make Changes on the Fly allows you to change your mind about full reel lengths, color and gauge needed for a project and it will be readily available from our inventory.
  • McNaughton-McKay Delivery Trucks assure on time delivery and efficient unloading so you don't have to waste man-hours standing around waiting for a truck to arrive.
  • Reduces Dependence on Common Carriers which decreases freight costs and claims.
  • Ease of Scheduling Equipment and Operators is a given when you have a project schedule that details when and where materials need to be delivered.
  • Wire Cut to Length reducing waste and cost for you.


stage and store wire and cable
  • Single Reel Set-Up reduces time and man-hours .
  • Smooth, Low Friction Pulling decreases the number of hours required when pulling wire and lessens potential for employee injury.
  • Compact Design Fits Through Standard Doorways eliminating multiple trips to gather materials helping to increase job efficiencies.
  • Quick Set-Up and Pulling reduces set-up time, labor costs, and helps jobs to finish on time and budget.


  • Eliminates Crossing Phases increasing worker and equipment safety.
  • Reduces Owner Maintenance cost because of ease of tracing cable runs.
  • Provides a Clean Professional Appearance so you don't have to look at ugly black wires
  • Reduces Installation Time & Cost so there is no need to megger or phase tape cable before & after installation


Storing your project materials
  • Significantly Reduces Set-Up Time for you when pulling wire because the pulling cables are already installed, saving labor time and letting you hit the job site running.
  • Reduces Waste because set-up is completed prior to arrival at job site, ensuring that you only receive the length of wire and cable required for the job. This translates into more cost savings.
  • Saves Time & Money which is always the end game in construction. Pulling eyes allow you to work smarter not harder.


Stage and store wire

Storing your project materials in our warehouse gives you the flexibility to determine what, when and where materials are delivered to your job site.  This will save you money on wasted cable, freight claims, damaged or stolen products as well as increase your efficiency.

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