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eBusiness by definition is "The conduct of business processes on the internet".  McNaughton-McKay believes this definition is too narrow, especially when it comes to business to business (B2B) transactions.  We define eBusiness as "The way two companies work together, using technology as a tool," and we have a team of employees to address this constantly changing world of technology so we can better serve you.

Whether you are an electrical distributor, a contractor, or a large manufacturing facility, the advances in technology are all around us.  They key for all of us is to find a way for these technologies to help us do our job better, faster and more efficiently.

In our daily business, we still see a large number of faxes and emails coming from our customers.  In many ways, it is easier to communicate, and in essence, do business this way.  The reason being, our business systems are different and trying to get them to talk to each other can be challenging.  It is not impossible but it takes time and knowledge of how these systems work.  Our eBusiness team is comprised of individuals who understand the way the business processes between our company and yours work.  We can work with you to streamline processes, reduce errors and transactional costs.

If you are interested in using eCommerce , EDI, punch-out, web portals, fax-to-email, or anything else in the world of B2B technology, let us explain how we might be able to use those technologies to help your business.

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