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Safety is critical to your facility’s operations. Putting employee safety first with a strong focus on the processes and procedures in and around machinery is an essential part of any business and enables companies to stay ahead of competitors by avoiding costly downtime and accidents. Let McNaughton-McKay help you discover ways to optimize your safety measures and standards.

Machine Functionality Safety

A well-designed machine safety program can improve productivity and profitability. Hazards caused by moving parts and operator involvement must be assessed and regulated. Schedule a risk assessment for your facility to help see what solutions best fit your current needs and where to address migration upgrades.

Machine Guarding & Electrical Safety

Protect your workers from potential hazards and injuries with machine guarding and electrical safety solutions. Feel confident knowing you have the correct safeguarding products and latest employee training to help with your OSHA compliance.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Equip your workforce with the proper protective clothing, helmets, goggles and other equipment to keep them safe from injuries and illnesses associated with hazardous environments.  

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