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Seven Smart Features of Rockwell Automation’s FLEXHA 5000™ I/O System


Are you looking to upgrade to a more dependable and adaptable I/O solution? Rockwell Automation’s FLEXHA 5000™ I/O system is ideal for ControlLogix® 5580 controller redundancy and high availability applications.

Exploring Innovation in Electrical Safety: Unveiling Panduit's Design-First Approach


Discover the future of electrical safety with Panduit! Their innovative "Prevention through Design" approach is changing the game, making your plant faster, safer, and more efficient.

What Trends Are Driving the Need for Change in the World of HMI?


Discover how Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk® Optix™ empowers innovation with cloud-based design, SaS-enabled workflows, and secure remote access, providing flexibility, scalability and interoperability for improved processes and efficiencies.

Unlocking Efficiency and Versatility: nVent HOFFMAN's Global IEC Enclosure Solutions


In a world where efficiency and flexibility are paramount, nVent HOFFMAN stands out as a global leader in IEC enclosures, setting a new standard with their modular floor standing, wall mount and terminal box enclosures.

What is the Perfect Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanner Solution?


You need a machine vision system that offers diagnostics to monitor and keep your production line moving and can detect defective products on the assembly line in real-time.

Illuminate the Great Outdoors: 8 Outdoor Lighting Applications


Outdoor lighting not only enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces but also plays a vital role in ensuring safety and security. Outdoor lighting applications can transform your outdoor areas into inviting, well-lit spaces.

To Repair or Not to Repair


You have many options available to repair your automation equipment when it fails. Choices range from local repair houses to regional or national vendors and even some s provide repair services. There is also the question of whether it is more cost effective to buy new instead of remanufacturing. It is important that you choose the service and product that best fits your situation and needs. There are key questions to consider when deciding if you should repair your automation equipment.

Does Your Facility Need Explosion Proof Lighting?


Dialight offers a wide variety of products certified for use in these classified hazardous applications, including SafeSite LED High Bay and Low Bay fixtures, the versatile SafeSite Area Lights and Linears, and the new ProSite Floodlights.

How Solar + Storage Systems Work


Solar energy is more complex than just putting solar panels on your roof and powering your home or office. For reliable power during a grid outage, you need to be able to harness the energy from the sun, store it and convert it into usable electricity.

Five Reasons to Use Fluke Solar Tools


Solar installation is a demanding job. You need tools that help get your entire job done efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Fluke Solar Tools are designed with these key elements in mind for use in all your solar energy system installations.

Think Safety – Think Hubbell Corporation


From the factory floor to the office working safely matters. Most hazards exist in every workplace environment. That's why it’s so important for you to comply with the latest safety codes and regulations. Hubbell corporation is a committed partner to helping you maintain a safe workplace.

Six Ways the PowerFlex® 755TS AC Drive Helps Alleviate Your System Maintenance Pain


PowerFlex® 755TS AC drives are designed for performance, flexibility, and productivity and are easy to use. The 755TS is equipped with TotalFORCE technology which gives you the flexibility and high-performance motor control you need in a drive.