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What is the Perfect Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanner Solution?


You need a machine vision system that offers diagnostics to monitor and keep your production line moving and can detect defective products on the assembly line in real-time.

NAED’s Certified Electrical Professional Certification


The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) aids electrical distributors with tools, information and assistance to improve the distribution of electrical supplies. One of their main services to distributors is educational opportunities. A program that they have created, in conjunction with The Sales Institute of Florida State University, is the Certified Electrical Professional Certification Programs (CEP).

Electric Vehicles Make up 5% of all Cars on the Road


The environmentally conscious driver is on the rise and so is the number of EVs on the road. These drivers are also a section of your current and penitential employees and it’s a great time to start planning for this wave of the future. When selecting a place to work, today’s top talent is seeking and taking into consideration whether their future employer offers EV Charging Stations. To make their commute, your employees need on-site EV Charging and if you don’t provide it they will find an employer that does. They want and need this benefit.

We All Love Saving Money.  Why Not Do It with Motor Plugs?


Is Your Plant Using Motors? If it is, you should make sure you are using a switch-rated motor plugs and receptacles. Why do you ask? Because when you use them, you are effectively getting a disconnect switch for free. This makes them the most cost-effective solution for connecting motors and other electrical equipment.

To Repair or Not to Repair


You have many options available to repair your automation equipment when it fails. Choices range from local repair houses to regional or national vendors and even some s provide repair services. There is also the question of whether it is more cost effective to buy new instead of remanufacturing. It is important that you choose the service and product that best fits your situation and needs. There are key questions to consider when deciding if you should repair your automation equipment.

McNaughton-McKay Services & Solutions Group Helps Drive Your Profitability


McNaughton-McKay’s Services and Solutions group provides industrial integration consultation to our customers to help solve manufacturing challenges by providing networking, automation, and migration solutions.

Why Use Rubber Portable Power Cords?


Why use rubber portable power cords? The answer is simple. Rubber is more durable in harsh conditions than other materials for portable power applications. There are many environments where using rubber cord yields positive advantages.

Are You Having Communication Errors in Your Network Architecture?


A customer contacted McNaughton-McKay for assistance with a recurring issue they were having with a PanelView+ HMI. Upon review it was discovered that their network architecture layout which included a PV+6 HMI, Stratix5700 managed switch, PowerFlex70 VFD, and several Point IO banks were set for auto, which was causing problems.

Why is Construction Project Management Important?


In a market where time and money are two things you cannot afford to waste partnering with a trusted supplier to do your construction project management will help you stay on time and budget. When construction project management is done correctly, you save time, resources, and overall job costs. Additionally, when your project manager is a wholesale electrical distributor you eliminate a layer of coordination further streamlining your project.

Hoffman Thermal Audit


With the weather heating up outside, the temperature inside your enclosures is heating up as well…which means it’s time for a nVent HOFFMAN free Thermal Audit Service.

Do you need a complete enclosure solution?


With the summer months quickly approaching, our attention often turns to how weather conditions, specifically heat, affect our equipment. Equipment that is properly cooled provides for the reliable operation of electronic and electrical components in your facilities. In conjunction with nVent Hoffman, McNaughton-McKay can offer you filter fans, air conditioners, heat exchangers and integrated colling enclosures to maximize your productivity and uptime while protecting the lifecycles of your controls and equipment.

Why Use Stage & Store Project Management


McNaughton-McKay’s Stage & Store service allows you to order construction materials for your projects and keep them in our warehouse until they are needed on your job site. You decide what, when and where your materials are delivered, saving you time and money. Stage & Store eliminates the headaches of freight claims and stolen or damaged products.