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McNaughton-McKay as your trusted construction supplier

In a market where time and money are two things you cannot afford to waste, choosing McNaughton-McKay as your trusted construction supplier will help you stay on time and on budget.

Our objective is to save you time, resources, and overall job costs. We know you have choices of which supply house you buy from and the products you select, so we make it easy to choose us.



  • Broad, diverse, and deep local inventory that gives you the peace of mind that the products you need will be available when you walk into our counter or call inside sales.

  • Competitively priced material is the name of the game in construction. We understand that and are confident we can provide a project bill of material that keeps you competitive.

  • Design Build Capabilities takes the pressure off of you and puts it on our team of experts who will manage and design a power and lighting system that best fits your application.

  • Detailed, accurate project quotations are a necessity in a time-sensitive, highly competitive bidding environment. Our employee-owners understand we get one shot at a project and that mistakes are not an option.

  • Fast, efficient, timely delivery to job sites assures on time delivery and efficient unloading by our drivers which allows your crew to focus on installation and job completion.

  • Lighting & Power Distribution are essentials for all construction projects. Our trained professionals can help you specify the right products for every project. .

  • On-site material management keeps high volume products easily accessible in your shop or on your job site. You pay for only the materials you use.

  • Stage & Store gives you the flexibility to determine when, where and what materials get delivered to your job site; saving you time and money on unneeded products, freight claims, and damaged or stolen products.

  • Counter and will call service provide a quick and easy way to pick up materials before, during or at the end of your work day. With a large local inventory, our knowledgeable staff is ready to fill your orders and get you back to the job quickly.

  • Wire & Cable Management Services maximizes your efficiency and profitability by tapping into our extensive inventory, wire cutting services and ability to stage and store. We offer a variety of labor saving products and services such as: compartment reels, paralleled wire and pulling eyes.



Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership is the total cost of owning an asset over a period of time. In the construction industry this means the total cost of designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining a facility throughout its useful life.

Often in an organization there is one group in charge of the capital budget and another group in charge of the operating budget - and they don't always agree on how money should be spent. TCO can help bring these two groups together to make decisions which optimize the budget for both parties.

The first step towards implementing TCO on your project is to acknowledge that the current method of making decisions based on first cost is not adequate. In today's world, it is necessary to make decisions that optimize first costs, operating costs, maintenance costs, energy consumption, and human productivity in order to provide a greater return on investment to the owner.

  • Return on Investment Analysis lets you rest easy knowing when your investment will begin to pay for itself. We gear our projects for a 3 year payback or sooner.

  • LEED Certified Design  demystifies the certification requirements needed to comply with a LEED project. Our LEED AP is ready to help customers become more environmentally conscious as well as prepare them for long-term financial success.

  • Energy Efficient Design & Utility Rebates completed by our lighting experts give you the assurance that the cost savings you want are there and that rebates are submitted accurately for maximum return.

  • More Efficient Use of Contractor Man-Hours result when we streamline material delivery and ordering with our comprehensive project management offerings of wire cutting, lighting layouts, power distribution configuration, stage & store and business processes.

  • Stage/Store Programs eliminate costly freight claims because material arrives in our warehouse and issues are addressed before you ever handle the materials.

  • Customer Specific Product Labeling enhances jobsite efficiency because material is delivered on the day you need it to the exact location required. Ex. Second Floor/West Wing/Corner Office.

  • Renewable Energy Services continue to grow and increase value and ROI for new and existing building projects. We can assist you in designing the right solar system for your project that will increase the project value and return on investment.

  • Summary Billing Reduces your administrative workload and costs because billing is tailored to meet your business system process and procedures.

  • Commodities Contracts assure cost certainty for the duration of the project. Even if copper prices go up, you won't feel the pinch in your project budget.

  • Customized Reporting improves project management reconciliation because you receive reports with detailed information showing when a product was shipped and to where - eliminating the need to figure out confusing lot billing.


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